Welcome to Portreath School

Head Teacher’s Welcome

Portreath Primary school is a village school that prides itself on its very special relationship with its community. It is school where everyone knows and cares about each other. Portreath is a happy school that is committed to helping children do, and be their very best. We believe that happy children are the most successful learners. It is a place where children know they matter, they believe in themselves and try to be the best that they can be. We have three core elements at the heart of our school: relationships, experiences, and learning.  By building strong relationships, providing thought-provoking experiences and high-quality learning opportunities and texts, we set our children off on a life-long journey of learning.

We are part of Crofty Multi Academy Trust- a trust where staff care passionately about children and a trust that aims for all children to receive great teaching, every day.  Each school is unique and works together to support and challenge each other.

At Portreath we see children as individuals with their own needs, interests and strengths. We want every child to feel special and feel listened to.  We want everyone to feel proud of who they are and what they achieve. We focus on developing a good relationship with each child and knowing them as individuals.  We want children to enjoy their childhood and have fun. We want to fill children with positive experiences and ignite their love for learning. Our school motto is: belive, work hard, achieve.  We aim to create lifelong learners with a passion for life and a inner confidence.

Building on the foundations already laid, home and school work closely together to ensure children attain high standards whilst enjoying and developing a love of learning. I am keen to ensure parents always feel welcome. I am available most days to chat to parents before or after school and if you need a longer meeting, Miss Hawkins, our school administrator, would be more than happy to make an appointment for you to meet with me. I understand that only by working together can we ensure the success of our children.

If you are interested in our school and would like to arrange a visit, please contact the School on 01209 842542, and we would be delighted to show you around.  We have also created a virtual tour of the school.


Our school looks always to the future and we are keen to keep on improving. Recent developments have included:

  • Creating and embedding the key school values – gratitude, honesty, empathy, inclusion and kindness
  • Reducing our impact on the environment for through reducing energy use, waste and the use of single use plastic
  • Developing our teaching of Mathematics and embedding a mastery approach
  • Improving well-being and mental health by using the training and principles of Trauma Informed and Mental Health Aware School approach (TIS)

We are currently:

  • Refining our curriculum to ensure there are clear sequences of learning in all subjects and golden threads that link together the learning across the school
  • Developing the support for children with special education needs to further improve their academic progress
  • Exploring ways to support children to produce the highest quality of writing
  • Embedding our approach to reading across the school
  • Developing the EYFS with a focus on reading, writing and maths
  • Consolidating our development work in maths

There is always so much going on at Portreath School, with the children experiencing many enrichment opportunities. To get a flavour of this why not look at our weekly newsletters that are available on this website under the newsletters tab.

Mrs Cassie Pamplin