School Clubs

Clubs will continuing after half term.  All of them will remain the same, apart from Fridays.  Mrs Kerslake will be running a chess club for the older children at lunchtime and instead she will be running an art/painting club after school on a Friday.

The after-school clubs are a great way to enrich your child’s education even if you do not need the wraparound care.  We purposely keep the cost as low as possible to encourage families to send children.

The clubs are below. There is no need to state which your child wants to attend, just book the day.  The children are gathered together in the Learning Room to register and will then go off to their chosen club. Places are limited, if numbers are too high, we may need to look at whether we need to organise things differently.

It is important that you book after school clubs and wraparound using the google form link. The link is for after half term until Christmas is:  Portreath After School Wraparound and Clubs Booking form (

Monday Dance-Mrs Doble Craft-Miss Cafe
Tuesday Multi-sports -Miss Cafe Lego-Mrs Barnes
Wednesday Drama-Mrs Rosser
Thursday Computer – Mrs Rosser Outdoor Games-Mrs Barnes
Friday Art-Mrs Kerslake


The clubs cost £2.50 until 4.20pm and £5 until 5pm. We cannot offer care later than 5pm and children will need to be picked up promptly. We do have to be strict with these timings as staff are only paid until 5pm. If you arrive after 5pm you will be charged a £5 fine per child up until 5.15pm, you will then be charged a further £5 for every 15 minutes after that.

For safeguarding reasons, it is essential that you telephone the office if your child is booked in for the half term but is not going to attend the club/wraparound that day.