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For each KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum subject the school has identified 7 golden threads that are the key concepts that weave throughout our curriculum starting in EYFS.  Within a subject, these threads link the learning across the school together and help the children to make connections.  By considering these threads when planning the EYFS team start to ‘plant the seed’ of these concepts and the rest of the school help these seeds to grow.  We hope the image of the thread, like the image of a tree gives the children a way to visualise how learning can be connected.

Below please find statements for the different subjects.  We are currently updating these, so do keep an eye out for updated versions.  The statements cover why we think the subject is important, the key concepts, the curriculum design, what we do well and the next steps.  We have also included the long term plans for these subjects so that you can see what elements are covered in each class.

Position Statements

Art Position Statement 2023

Computing Position Statement 2023

Geography Position Statement 2023

History position statement 2023

DT Position Subject 2023

Music Position Statement 2023

RE Position Starement 2023

PSHE Position Statement 2023

Science Position Statement 2023

PE position statement 2022

Long Term Plans



Geography -long-term-plan







Personal Development Poster