Our Guiding Principles

What is our school about? What is at the heart of our school?  What drives our curriculum and why do we teach what we teach?  What are we trying to achieve?

The Heart of the School

We have three core elements at the heart of our school: relationships, experiences, and learning.  By building strong relationships, providing a high-quality experiences and range of texts we set our children off on a life-long journey of learning.

Curriculum Drivers

Our curriculum drivers are elements that are central to our curriculum and complement our school vision. They work alongside the core values, learning behaviours and motto that we promote. They help to drive and shape the curriculum and are incorporated across all subjects, topics and enrichment activities. Our key drivers are: communication, learning, thinking, citizenship and health. We want to help each child and staff member to become:

A deep thinker and learner who is a confident communicator and a healthy citizen that will make a positive difference to the world.

We want everyone to be:

  • an effective and confident COMMUNICATOR who is a logophile and bibliophile
  • a motivated, resilient, ambitious LEARNER who demonstrates curiosity, independence and strives to improve
  • a knowledgeable and creative THINKER who is a fluent reader and problem solver that masters key skills in a range of subjects. Someone who knows their Cornish heritage and is also prepared for life as a global citizen.
  • a kind, respectful CITIZEN who is inclusive and celebrates diversity. Someone who makes a positive difference to others, the community, the environment and the world.
  • a HAPPY AND HEALTHY INDIVIDUAL who is confident and feels that they belong

 Core Values

Crofty Multi-academy Trust is a value led organisation and is built on three core values: learning, integrity and community and aligns these with the additional values of positivity and respect.  These values guide our staff, but we also feel they are values that we want our children to share.  The Portreath School values align with and enhance the whole Trust values as follows: kindness (respect), inclusion (learning, community), gratitude (positivity), honesty (integrity) and empathy (respect).

Learning Behaviours and Motto

Metacognition is integral to our lessons; we want the children to understand how we learn and use this information.  As part of this we promote 5 learning behaviours: Being brave, ready, responsible, resilient and happy. As a school we advocate everyone developing their growth mindset. Our school motto is: believe, work hard, succeed.

School Rules

We have high expectations of everyone’s behaviour and we have 3 school rules:

  • Show good manners at all times
  • Follow instructions with thought and care
  • Care for (and respect) everyone and everything