School Aims and Vision

Portreath School’s  Vision Statement

Portreath School wants the best for all its children;we want to be a school that stands out- a place where children are filled with positive experiences and their fires are ignited for learning. We aim to create lifelong learners with a passion for life and inner confidence.

We are a happy school where children feel safe and cared for. Our school is a place where children know they matter, they believe in themselves and try to be the best that they can be. We see children as individuals with their own needs, interests and strengths.  Our goal is for every child to feel special, feel listened to and have a voice.  We expect everyone to feel proud of who they are and what they achieve. Developing a good relationship with each child, building their confidence and knowing them as individuals is fundamental to our philosophy.  We want children to enjoy their childhood and have fun.

We aim to provide children with lessons and experiences that ensure that they make excellent progress. There are high expectations and aspirations for everyone, including those who with additional needs and disadvantaged children.  Everyone feels included and important.  Children are helped to develop empathy and kindness is key.  We expect everyone to show tolerance and understanding; diversity and difference are celebrated.

The school promotes five learning behaviours: we want children to be brave, ready, responsible, resilient and happy. We endeavour to make our children independent and encourage them to develop a growth mindset.  Children are not fearful of mistakes but understand that we can learn from them.  Staff and children dare to take risks, try new things, and strive to continuously improve.  We are a reflective school where staff and children reflect on what is working and what is not. Children are taught how to be effective and motivated learners who challenge themselves.  We expect everyone to work hard and do their best.

One of the key priorities of the school is to ensure teaching and learning is exceptional. We work hard to ensure children become confident and effective readers, writers and mathematicians and we have a passion for providing a broad, balanced and creative curriculum.  Lessons are suitably pitched, well-paced and linked to the pupils’ next steps.  The curriculum is relevant to them and gives them the opportunity to be creative and explore their own interests and questions.  We like to take advantage of experiences on offer and use these to supplement and direct our teaching.  Enrichment is provided through visits, visitors and special experiences.  The school prides itself on the performances the children regularly stage.  We aim for our lessons to stimulate, inspire, support, challenge the pupils and fuel their curiosity.  We are passionate about outdoor learning and helping children to learn to manage risk for themselves.  We want them to remain in touch with the natural world and we make use of the fantastic school grounds and local environment, including the beach and woods.  Sport is an important element of school life and we want everyone to have a healthy body and mind.

We aim to develop the whole child. Emotional and social development is a key part of school life.  We have adopted ‘Trauma and Mental Health Informed School’ principles.  Our school recognises that all behaviour is a form of communication.  We try to address what children are trying to communicate, then support and empower them to communicate in a safe and appropriate way.  Our commitment is to create relationships with the children in order to meet their needs.  We try to help everyone to communicate in an appropriate way.  We want to give everyone the skills and understanding to build happy, healthy and trusting relationships. Our school is committed to educational practices which follow the ‘Protect, Relate, Regulate and Reflect model’.  We have three golden rules:  show good manners at all times; follow instructions with thought and care; care for and respect everyone and everything.

Our school has a ‘family feel’ where everyone knows and cares for everyone else. To promote this children from different year groups have opportunities to work together.  Every Reception child has a Year 6 buddy who helps them settle into school in their first year.  Children are expected to look after each other.  Being part of the village community is very important to us.   The school is involved with #loveportreath to ensure our village is a wonderful place to live now and in the future.  We are committed to looking after our world and have achieved ‘Plastic Free Status’ due to our work on reducing single use plastic.

The school appreciates the importance of communication. Everyone has a voice: children, staff, parents and governors.  We aim for all staff to feel cared for, valued, positive, happy, appreciated and trusted.  Staff are always striving to improve their practice.  The school empowers the parents and carers too.   Parents’ views are sought regularly.  We want parents to know that they can have a positive impact on their child’s education.  Parents are informed not only about what we are doing but why.  Partnerships with other schools is essential, particularly those in the Crofty MAT. Education is a continuous journey and smooth transition is key so we work closely with Portreath Pre-School, Redruth School and Pool Academy.

We strive for Portreath School to give its children the best possible start to their life of learning.  Our motto is:  Believe, work hard, succeed.

Below is a link to a presentation the Year 4 and 5 children made about growth mindset-something the school really promotes.